Because of Dan's 23 years of engine and chassis engineering at General Motors, street rod and custom automotive fabrications are natural aspects of his business. In fact, Dan was responsible for creating and developing that ultra-hot GMC pick-up truck that hit 210 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. As a result of his ability to prototype, Dan provides complete chassis and suspension design and fabrication for street rods and street machines.

Further, Dan has been an avid and accomplished racer, building and driving a 1953 C/Altered Corvette that was turning 9.10 ETs @ 143 mph on skinny nine-inch tires way back in the early 1960's. His work on preparing and maintaining SCCA Pro Rally Jeeps that won the national Championship in the early 1970's further developed his skills at practical performance engineering and fabrication. Dan can quickly examine and solve any chassis or fabrication challenge.

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