The aluminum V8 swap kit we have developed is engineered for 1977-80 vintage MGB. Thus, no alterations are required to fit the Buick/Olds/Rover into that chassis. However, if your car is an earlier model, some modifications to the firewall, inner fenders, radiator mount, steering rack, and engine mounts are necessary.

For these earlier cars, we recommend you install a later front cross member and steering rack to provide sufficient engine clearance; we can supply the engine mounts. Kits are available from MG parts suppliers to lower the ride height of these units.

Our kit utilizes the Buick/Olds harmonic balancer and pulley, Delco alternator, mini-gear reduction starter, hydraulic throw-out bearing, and the excellent Borg Warner (B/W) T-5 five-speed transmission.

You will find this is the most comprehensive and easiest to install conversion kit available anywhere.